Laser Vascular Treatments to Erase Spider and Reticular Veins

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Many people have prominent and unsightly spider and reticular veins on their legs. These vascular irregularities can make people feel self-conscious to the point where it affects their choice of clothing and their comfort in public.

If you’re tired of investing money and time in concealing your ugly spider veins, good news: there’s a better way. Laser vascular treatments are able to safely and effectively diminish the appearance of unwanted veins and in many cases erase them entirely, leaving you with smooth, beautiful skin.

What Is Laser Vascular Treatment?

Laser vascular treatment is a non-surgical and non-invasive cosmetic procedure that employs the use of laser energy to treat prominent reticular and spider veins.

The phenomenon of laser absorption by the spider and reticular veins is based on the way that the hemoglobin present in the targeted vessels and the surrounding healthy vessels responds to the laser energy.

The energy of the laser constricts the blood vessels through a process called thermo-coagulation. This process reduces the visibility of the targeted reticular and spider veins. Over time, the treated veins are safely absorbed by the body as a natural healing response.

The two primary aspects of laser vascular treatment that your doctor must consider are the wavelength and the pulse duration of the laser beam, depending upon the requirements of your specific case.

The deeper a blood vessel is located within the body, the longer the wavelength of the laser light should be. Similarly, the blood vessels that are larger in size require longer pulse duration to thermally damage them.

What Should You Expect During the Treatment?

To begin the laser leg vein treatment, the doctor will use a laser device to send laser energy pulses into the target site. This may be done in conjunction with a contact cooling system to minimize the discomfort. The energy will typically feel like a quick pinch on the skin. The procedure is quite rapid and can usually be performed within half an hour.

What Is the Recovery Period Like?

Since the procedure does not involve the use of any needles or scalpels, laser vascular therapy requires no downtime! Patients can resume their regular routine right after the treatment is over. The patient might experience temporary redness and warmth at the site of treatment, and this will ameliorate shortly. Bruising is possible, and sun exposure should be avoided until all bruises are resolved.

Typically, the spider or reticular veins will fade right after the procedure, but in some cases they may take a few days to completely disappear. Multiple laser vascular treatments may be necessary following the original treatment in order to ensure that the patient’s desired results are achieved.

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