Skincare Products

At U Laser Med Spa we’re proud to curate medical-grade skincare products for all skin types. We take pride in combining art, beauty, and science. So you can rest assured that every product we offer has been carefully researched and verified as effective by our doctors to ensure that they are not only safe, but scientifically proven to provide you with the best possible results.

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Rooted in innovation, SkinMedica’s industry-leading products work by leveraging your skin’s natural healing properties, enhancing their look and feel. The first to create a topical Growth Factor solution, they continue to pioneer effective skincare by investing into cutting-edge research on skin biology to understand the complex systems at play in skin aging.


Beloved by celebrities and skincare buffs alike, SkinCeutical combines technology and science for corrective products full of effective active ingredients. With a wide range that addresses all manner of skin concerns, there’s a perfect cocktail of SkinCeutical products for everyone.


Not all skin hydrators are created equal. Sente’s biotech driven range of anti-aging products are formulated with a clinically-proven hydrating ingredient that penetrates beyond the skin’s surface to revive its natural renewal processes, with impressive results. Easy on even the most sensitive complexions, these products deliver rapid skin rejuvenation from the inside out.

PCA Skin®

Formulated for every type of skin, PCA Skin’s innovative products have helped millions of patients address their complexions holistically. A leader in skin health education, PCA Skin uses tried and true ingredients at potent levels to create gratifyingly visible results.


With a strong focus on effective and gentle sun care, EltaMD’s products help patients achieve healthy skin, no matter their skin type or concern. We love their non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and paraben-free sunscreens, formulated with mineral-based transparent zinc oxide. Regular use of sun protection doesn’t just decrease your risk of skin cancer, but also prevents early skin aging.


The science-driven Hydropeptide range was developed by geneticists utilizing the cutting edge of epigenetics (Gene Tailoring) to deliver your healthiest skin yet. This clinically proven range delivers outstanding results. It also feels luxurious to use, making their peels and lip plumpers a staple of many of our patients’ skincare routines.



Dr. William Umansky and Dr. Jeffrey Umansky endorse the use of VitaMedica’s all-natural Arnica formulations to gently stimulate healing and reduce facial bruising, without side-effects. We carry this product, and recommend using it whether after surgery, or after injectables like facial fillers. The Arnica Montana plant used is organically grown in the mountainous regions of Western Europe and the U.S., and these sublingual tablets are manufactured here in the U.S.