Five Reasons Why People Get Laser Tattoo Removal

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One of the biggest risks in getting a tattoo is the possibility that at some point, you may feel regret about getting it. In cases such as these, procedures like PicoSure laser tattoo removal ensures a safe and effective way to get rid of the tattoos and to bring the skin back to its clean, normal state – just like a canvas that has been cleaned.

Five Reasons Why People Get Laser Tattoo Removal

Here are five reasons why people get their tattoos removed with PicoSure treatments:

1. Major lifestyle changes: It’s not uncommon for people to get tattoos when they are younger and more carefree. When people grow older and more responsible, there comes a desire to get rid of the tattoos in order to gain a more professional and formal appearance.

2. Mistakes in the tattoo: A tattoo with major mistakes in it can be extremely disappointing. People who are not aware of laser tattoo removal may think that there is no good solution for this issue. PicoSure can help these people get rid of the unwanted tattoo entirely.

3. Tattoos gotten when intoxicated: Sometimes when people have had too much to drink, they do things that they wouldn’t normally do, including going out and getting tattoos that they regret the next day.

4. Major relationship changes: Sometimes people get tattoos that are associated with the relationship they are currently in. However, unfortunate circumstances may lead to separation between people. These people then want to get rid of the tattoos that remind them of their past relationship. If these tattoos are not removed, they can lead to complications in future relationships. As such, tattoo removal is the most sensible step to take.

5. Changes in beliefs and attitudes: Often people get tattoos that are reflective of the ideologies, attitudes, or beliefs that they hold. When their beliefs change over time, these people tend to want to remove the tattoos that represent their old beliefs.

How Does PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Until PicoSure technology came into the scene, tattoos were removed by numerous painful methods that damaged the surrounding tissue. As such, in the past, tattoo removal was not a safe or comfortable procedure.

PicoSure is different. With this method, there is neither any pain nor any tissue damage to deal with. This laser treatment works through targeting the tattoo’s ink pigments with short pulses of energy.

Through this process, the tattoo pigments are broken down into minuscule particles, which are processed naturally by the body. Due to its highly focused nature, the treatment can remove even the pigments that are more stubborn, thereby ensure more effective and satisfying results.

The rate of success of PicoSure is very high, and effects can be seen much sooner than the older methods of tattoo removal. The procedure is approved by the FDA.

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