Laser Scar Treatment San Diego

If you want people to notice you instead of your scars, improve them with noninvasive laser treatments! Acne and surgical scars can both be treated with the Icon™ Aesthetic System. Laser scar treatment can significantly fade the appearance of acne and surgical scars to reveal your own beautiful skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How Does Laser Scar Treatment Work?

The Icon™ uses fractional laser light beams to target scar tissues. The powerful laser energy stimulates new skin cell production to replace the scar tissue and laser-damaged areas. The Icon™ is revolutionary because as new tissues naturally develop, the surrounding skin is not damaged. Laser scar removal is suitable for all areas, including the face. Scar treatment is safe for all skin types.

What to Expect During Icon™ Laser Scar Removal

Treatment sessions last about 30 minutes, though most scars will require three to five sessions to be completely healed. Laser scar removal has few side effects, which include some temporary redness and swelling. Patients may experience some slight discomfort when the laser is applied, but are typically able to resume their normal activities immediately following the procedure.