Convenient IPL Treatment with the Icon Aesthetic System

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You can always cover up the early signs of aging by mastering the art of make-up. However, if you want to wake up looking your glorious best, only a cosmetic procedure will do. One effective option is the IPL treatment. IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, is a cosmetic procedure that helps in skin rejuvenation, removal of irregular skin pigmentation, and even removal of unwanted hair.

How It Works

As the name suggests, IPL relies on the transmittance of intense pulses of light. These pulses are in the range of 500-1200 nm, and their source is a Xenon flash lamp.

For our IPL treatments, we use the Palomar Icon Aesthetic System. This versatile system offers an array of devices in a single comprehensive machine. Plastic surgeons can use Icon to treat numerous signs of aging, from lightening skin pigmentation to removing stretch marks. Additionally, Icon offers the ThreeForMe Laser Treatment, a proven approach to reversing sun damage, erasing wrinkles, and diminishing facial veins.

Convenient IPL Icon Treatment

The technology used in the Icon Aesthetic System is superiorly advanced, owing in part to the MAX G, which operates by emitting low-energy light beams that converge at the treatment site. As a result, the discomfort is reduced and the effectiveness is improved.

With a few convenient treatment sessions, the appearance of skin problems like melasma, dullness, dilated vessels, facial redness, wrinkles, hemangiomas, and port wine stains is improved. IPL treatment is best suited for patients who are suffering from rosacea and melasma.

The Experience of IPL Treatment

Most patients who undergo IPL Icon treatment experience a mild and tolerable degree of discomfort. While a few patients experienced warm pricking feelings, others explained the sensation as feeling like a rubber band snap. For those who wish to numb the treatment region, a topical anesthetic can be administered before the commencement of the procedure.

After exposure to the IPL treatment, the targeted region may feel warmer. Redness and slight swelling is common and will subside within 72 hours. Few patients may also experience crusting, slight scabbing, and bruising. All these issues will have ameliorated by two weeks at the latest.

The effectiveness of the IPL treatment, like most cosmetic procedures, improves with time. Patients will require a minimum of three sessions and a maximum of four, all spaced over a period of four weeks. Research on the effectiveness of the Icon IPL treatment showed that over 75% of patients experienced diminished skin redness, 75% observed improved texture, and 64% experienced reduced acne reappearance.

Get in Touch to Arrange an IPL Consultation

Icon Intense Pulsed Light treatment is a popular and safe treatment for skin rejuvenation. Speak with board-certified plastic surgeons Doctors William Umansky and Jeffrey Umansky to find out more about Icon IPL treatment.

During your informative consultation, you will be able to ask any questions you may have regarding IPL treatment, preparation for the treatment, and any post-treatment care steps you will need to take. To schedule your appointment for a consultation, contact our office today.