8 Reasons SkinPen® Might Be the Best Microneedling Treatment for You

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On the surface, microneedling might seem like a strange way to improve the appearance of your skin — but it works. Microneedling triggers collagen production to create smoother and healthier-looking skin. It works best on textural issues like acne scars, enlarged pores and wrinkles.

Microneedling is an ancient practice, but the first modern microneedling device was developed in the early 2000s and was a simple drum-shaped roller. Today, microneedling devices have come a long way and are more advanced than their predecessors. One such advanced microneedling device is SkinPen® by Crown Aesthetics.

Are you considering a microneedling treatment? Below are eight reasons we think SkinPen® could be your best bet.

1. SkinPen® Is FDA-Cleared

SkinPen® is the first FDA-cleared microneedling device on the market. It has been clinically proven to safely and effectively diminish acne scars in people 22 years and older. The FDA has recently given SkinPen® the all-clear for treating neck wrinkles, too. However, we are not limited to these applications — providers can use it to treat cosmetic concerns on nearly any area of the body. FDA clearance is given only to products that are proven, via clinical studies, to be as safe and effective as their alternatives that are already on the market.

In addition to the peace of mind that comes with FDA clearance, the SkinPen® device is made in the USA and has been safely used on over two million patients.

2. SkinPen® Just Works

The efficiency of cosmetic treatments can be assessed through grading on the G.Lemperle Wrinkle Assessment Scale, the Clinician’s Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale (CGAIS) and the Subject Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale (SGAIS), among others. While you don’t need to know exactly what each of these scales is, you may be excited to know that SkinPen® scores high on each one. The results of these grading systems indicate that nearly all patients treated with SkinPen® notice improvement in fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. The device’s efficiency and safety are backed by over 90 validation studies.

3. SkinPen® Rejuvenates Naturally

Many minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments rely on synthetic chemicals or energy to rejuvenate the skin. SkinPen® is different; it uses simple, sterile needles to trigger the skin’s natural healing response. The pen-shaped device includes a single-use cartridge with 12 stainless steel needles that carefully puncture the skin thousands of times per minute. This creates “micro-channels” that encourage the skin’s healing process, which includes natural collagen and elastin production. So, if you have allergy-prone or sensitive skin or are looking for a clean cosmetic treatment, SkinPen® may be for you.

4. SkinPen® Is Quick With No Downtime

Unlike some chemical peels and laser treatments, there is little preparation or downtime with SkinPen®. That’s because there is safe, controlled injury to the skin with this treatment. It is a great lunchtime procedure that lasts just 30 minutes when treating the face.

Beforehand, you will have a consultation where your provider will walk you through the preparation and treatment. After your treatment, we recommend waiting until the next day to start wearing makeup and 24-48 hours to resume exercise. We als advise you to avoid direct sun exposure, saunas, hot showers and harsh cosmetics for one to two weeks post-treatment.

5. SkinPen® Treats All Areas of the Body

Microneedling treatments are typically limited to the face, but SkinPen® can treat nearly any area of the body because it is highly customizable. The device can be set to penetrate the skin at different depths — between 0.25mm and 2.5mm. This not only helps target both superficial and deep skin issues but also enables us to treat skin of different thicknesses in different areas.

The skin around your eyes, for example, is just 0.5mm thick, while the skin on the feet can be 4.0mm thick. So, no matter if you’re dealing with enlarged facial pores, neck wrinkles or dark patches on your hands, this treatment can help.

6. There Is No Tearing of the Skin

The first microneedling devices were mechanical rollers that would penetrate the skin at an angle, thus increasing the risk of micro-tearing. The motor-driven, stamping motion of SkinPen® penetrates the skin vertically and does not cause any tearing. The number of punctures is also easy to control with this device. Together, these things ensure our patients get even results and no scarring. This type of controlled injury to the skin also takes less time to heal, which further creates more predictable results and minimizes the risk of infections and scars.

7. SkinPen® Is Hygenic

Whenever the skin is punctured, there is a risk of developing an infection. But this risk drops significantly when you use sterile needles. SkinPen® includes single-use cartridges with sterile, stainless steel needles. In comparison, other microneedling devices are not single-use and need to be disinfected before each use, but even this may not remove all of the bacteria from the needles. What’s more, your provider will thoroughly cleanse your skin with chlorhexidine or another antiseptic before using the SkinPen® to prevent post-treatment infections.

8. It Is an Award-Winning Treatment

SkinPen® has won many awards through the years: The 2017 Aesthetic Industry Awards, the 2021 Aesthetician’s Choice Award, the 2021 Medical Beauty Awards, and many more. It was recently recognized as being the “Best In Industry” in The 2022 Aesthetic Guide Awards. This shows that the device is shaping the future of skincare with its innovative design and science-backed efficiency. If there is a microneedling treatment worth giving a chance, we believe this award-winning device is it.

Learn More About SkinPen® at U Laser Medspa in La Jolla

At U Laser Med Spa, our goal is to offer our clients the latest and best in medical aesthetics. With that mission in mind, we are excited to have added SkinPen® to our list of minimally-invasive rejuvenation treatments. If you want to improve the appearance of your skin by diminishing wrinkles, pores or scarring, consider having a SkinPen® treatment at our medical spa center. Call U Laser Med Spa today at 619-304-6974 to schedule a consultation.